3 Ways to Check Weather With OneLaunch
3 Ways to Check Weather With OneLaunch
24 March 2022
Keyboard with weather icons in red

How To Check Weather Online?

What’s the best weather app? OneLaunch has three built-in ways to check the weather anywhere in the world, making it the best free weather app for Windows users. 

If you’re sitting at your Windows desktop, you would have to search for a weather website, visit the site and enter your location information. There’s no reason checking on the weather should be that troublesome. OneLaunch makes accessing the latest outdoor conditions easy with any one of our three ways, so you can prepare for what Mother Nature has planned. Let’s get started.

Check the Weather with the Dashboard Icon

The first way to check online weather forecast in your location or anywhere in the world is by tapping the OneLaunch Dashboard icon next to the search bar in the OneLaunch dock.

Opening it up, you’ll immediately see basic current weather information based on your location. If you’d like to change the location, tap Edit and disable “Detect my location” by sliding the button to the left, then type in the town, city, or country where you want the latest weather, and tap “Save New Location.” To return to your local weather, tap Edit and enable the “Detect my location” button. OneLaunch will again automatically update its weather information for where you are located.

By default, when you install OneLaunch, we will detect your location to give you weather results for your area, but if you’d like to turn this feature off, you’re able to in the OneLaunch dashboard settings. Going through the three-dot menu (in the upper-right corner of the dock) and Settings, you can tap the Manage button next to My Location. Here you slide the switch next to “Detect my location” to off. Doing so means whenever you want to check your local weather, you’ll have to tap the Dashboard icon and type your location into the weather section, as discussed earlier.

Explore the Forecast with the OneLaunch Weather App

Our second method, checking the weather, is through the OneLaunch weather app in the OneLaunch dock. This provides you with a more comprehensive view of the weather.

By default, the app isn’t on the OneLaunch dock, so for those who are new to OneLaunch, you’ll need to pin it on the first use. To do so, tap the gray plus button to open the apps marketplace. Hover your mouse over the Weather app and tap the box in the upper-right corner of the app. Once checked, the weather app will appear in the OneLaunch dock. Now, tap the weather icon (sun and cloud image) in the dock for an in-depth look at the current weather for your location, along with a five-day forecast and several quick links for AccuWeather’s website, severe weather, radar and maps, pollen reports, even a satellite view of weather conditions.

View Current Weather, Air Quality and More with the OneLaunch Weather Feature

Our last and final way to check the weather quickly from OneLaunch is from the weather feature, the weather icon on the left side of the scissors icon in the upper-right corner of the dock.

This icon changes dynamically based on the current weather, so the icon will show rain, sun, or snow if that is the case for the location we’re checking for you. Even the temperature itself (in the blue or red circle) dynamically changes as the day goes on. Click the icon, and the quick link will take you to AccuWeather’s site, where you can view other weather information sections, including Air Quality and Health & Wellness, like mold count, arthritis pain forecast, and a minute-by-minute forecast.

So, those are the three ways you can check the weather from OneLaunch. The OneLaunch Dashboard icon, the weather application you can pin, and the weather feature from the top right on your OneLaunch dock. If you’re looking for reliable, free weather apps for your smartphone to keep an eye on outdoor conditions, we suggest AccuWeather, The Weather Channel and Clime: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Radar Live. 

If you use our weather options, you’ve noticed the numerous references to AccuWeather. Why so many? We’ve chosen to partner with AccuWeather because they are an excellent source of world weather data, and they offer high-quality world weather maps. When clicking through AccuWeather’s links to access more weather information, all links open in the OneLaunch Chromium browser.