How to Check Your Horoscope Online (Astrology Apps)
How to Check Your Horoscope Online (Astrology Apps)
6 May 2022
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How Can I Check My Daily Horoscope Online for Free?

You’ve probably read your horoscope in a newspaper, like millions of horoscope seekers since the addition of the horoscope to print news in the early 1900s (Source: As online content has been replacing print, you might want to find your daily star forecast online or with a mobile app. Looking up your horoscope is easy and free to do. 

We’ve learned that there are different types of horoscopes, beyond the well-known 12-month Zodiac chart. 

What Are the Different Horoscopes?

Here’s a quick rundown of the different horoscopes for those new to astrology or just curious about the different types of horoscopes.

  • Zodiac horoscope: The most well-known horoscope has 12 names with symbols, such as Aries, Gemini, Cancer, and Capricorn, symbolizing the positions of the planets and stars. Your horoscope is the calculation of the planet’s influence on one’s personality, mood, and environment based on when you were born.
  • Chinese horoscope: Like the Zodiac horoscope, the Chinese horoscope has 12 signs based on the lunar calendar. The symbols, including the horse, goat, monkey, dog, and rat, are assigned for every year, representing a 12-year cycle. 
  • Druid horoscope: This horoscope is based on the Celtic lunar calendar and the relationship between the moon and trees called Ogham Trees of Power. This horoscope has 13 signs (trees), including the willow, alder, and birch, each possessing unique attributes and characteristics.

Check Your Horoscope With the OneLaunch App

An excellent way to view your horoscope as a Windows PC user is through the OneLaunch app. You can read your daily, weekly, or monthly horoscope and easily find your star sign or Chinese Zodiac sign for free.

If you don’t have OneLaunch, download and install it on your desktop computer. Once installed, open OneLaunch and tap the gray plus sign at the top (we call this area the dock) to open the App library. Click on the Horoscope icon. You’ll notice it shows up next to the plus sign, indicating it is pinned to your dock. Now, anytime you want to view your horoscope, all you have to do is click the horoscope icon without needing to open the App library again. Within the horoscope app, you’ve got a few options. If you’re unsure of your sign, you can find your sign by entering your birthdate.

On the other hand, if you know your sign, merely hover over it and tap the box to pin your Zodiac or Chinese sign to the dock. You can pin any number of Zodiac or Chinese signs. However, if you have several apps in the dock, the excess Zodiac signs will go into a dropdown menu you can access later by tapping the plus sign.

Whenever you click your pinned Zodiac sign, the OneLaunch browser will instantly open, our partner page with your daily horoscope. Here you can check other signs, compare your compatibility with those at home and work, and learn more about astrology, birth charts, etc. 

Other Ways to Read Your Horoscope with Astrology or Horoscope Apps

If you don’t have a Windows PC, you can check out your daily horoscope with apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Astrolis: Whether you’re a beginner or horoscope obsessed, this free horoscope app offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. You can also learn about your Chinese Zodiac sign and planetary positions. The Astrolis app is available for mobile devices through their website.

Astrology Zone: In this app, Susan Miller, a well-known astrologer, and author, offers short daily and monthly Zodiac horoscopes for free for Android and Apple smartphones. For in-depth horoscopes and a look at how your sign affects your relationships, lifestyle, health, and more, you must sign up for a paid subscription.

The DailyHoroscope by Comitic: This free horoscope app includes features include:

  • Daily, monthly, and yearly Zodiac horoscopes
  • Compatibility with other Zodiac signs
  • Annual Chinese horoscope
  • Druid horoscope

The Pattern: If you’re looking for love or trying to figure out why things don’t seem to be working out with someone, check out the free Zodiac-based horoscope from, which focuses on how the cosmos influence you and your relationships.

TimePassages: You can enter and save your profile and view your daily horoscope or someone else’s with this free astrology app available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store for Android devices. Get up-to-the-minute astrology readings and discover the meanings behind your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sun signs. Paid items include birth charts and more.

Best Way to Check Horoscope Online?

As with any free online app, read the fine print to ensure you understand how your personal information might be used. 

We prefer our own OneLaunch app for checking daily horoscopes, because it’s right there on our dock, and it’s fun and easy to read. Plus, it’s not intrusive and doesn’t require our users to create accounts.  

What do the stars and planets have in store for you today? Tomorrow? Something tells us … if you haven’t already … you’re going to upgrade your Windows experience very soon