List of Match 3 Games to Play Online for Free
List of Match 3 Games to Play Online for Free
30 April 2024

Best Match 3 Games Online

Match 3 games are one of the most popular types of idle games on the market. You may recognize some big names like “Candy Crush”, “Gems of War” or “Bejeweled”. But what makes these “match 3” games? 

A match 3, or match-three/tile-matching, game presents you with a board filled with multicolored dots of different types. You can swap the positions of two adjacent dots with the goal of lining up three dots in a row. Do this and the dots disappear. Match 3 games often involve creating chain reactions where causing three dots to disappear repositions other dots adjacent to one another, causing those to disappear.

Match 3 games are a type of idle game and super popular because of how simple and satisfying they are to play (which means they can be addictive, so set a timer to avoid losing track of time!). It’s not only satisfying to pull off large chain reaction combos of clearing several dots at a time, but also to play through the hundreds of levels that match3 games usually have. Match 3 games also tend to have unique themes and even storylines to spice up the gameplay. 

So where can you play match 3 games? What are some of the best match 3 games for adults (and kids) that you haven’t heard of before? 

Three Match-Three Games You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Dr Bon Bon Puzzle

This simple free browser game looks very similar to a classic match 3. Different colored candies are on the board, and the goal is to move two adjacent candies to get 3 of the same color together. However, this has a creative spin in that as you match up colored candies, you build up that candy’s color in the test tube. 

Once the test tube is full, you can combine the two colors to change all the candies of those colors on the board to dual colored candies that can be matched with any candy of the same type. This leads to intricate, satisfying combos where you carefully place candies on the map before changing their colors to pull off massive chain reactions!

Triple Tiles

Triple Tiles feels like combining Tetris with a match 3 game. In this game, you place tile groups on a game board and arrange them so that you line up multiple matching tiles together. You click and drag the tiles onto the board with left-click, and rotate the groups with right-click. If three tiles are matched next to each other, they disappear. 

Sounds simple right? Well, this game very quickly gets difficult as you have to carefully place your tile groups on the board so you don’t get stuck with a lot of tiles out of place. 


This simple free to play web-browser based match 3 game has a unique spin on the classic match 3 style. No downloads are required to play this game. Rather than looking at a large grid filled with dots or tiles, you play as a fox that can walk around a small map. Rocks, leaves, and other obstacles block your path. 

You still try to match 3 of the map elements to clear a line, but in Kitsu you do this by becoming the element that you’re next to. The goal is to clear the way to 3 hearts within a map to open up a portal. This is a unique, creative spin on the classic Match 3 formula that’s great for veterans of the genre that are looking for something a bit different. 

Where Can I Play Match 3 Games?

If you like more traditional match 3 games, or just want to explore a lot of different options, we have a few websites for you. 


CrazyGames has a lot of different match 3 games that are completely free to try and play within your web browser. A link to CrazyGames is built into OneLaunch’s Games app on the OneLaunch dock. 

A particular standout that we really like is:

City Blocks

In City Blocks, you’re presented with a board full of different size buildings. You get new buildings on the bottom left that you have to then place somewhere on the board. If you match 3 buildings of the same type next to one another, they combine into a larger building. This can then create combos where you make larger and larger buildings.

The challenge comes from managing the board so you still have room to assemble new smaller buildings as you build up larger buildings. A great free game to try!


FunGames also has a long list of match 3 games to try online for free. This site also has a lot of other free browser games to try, so explore to find something that you like!

Jem Match 2

This simple match 3 will be very familiar for fans of the genre. In Jem Match 2, you try to match 3 of the gem types together to clear out the board. You progress through the levels, trying to get a certain number of points within a period of time. This is simple, relaxing, and a great browser game choice. 

Outside some of the games we mentioned above, iWin and Steam have a lot of creative Match 3 games. The Match 3s on these sites are designed to be played for longer periods and have a lot of extra mechanics to keep them interesting (AKA keep you playing). However, they’re not browser games and do require a subscription to play. The upside is, with paid subscriptions you get little to no advertising.

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