Find Lyrics to Songs Fast With This Desktop App
Find Lyrics to Songs Fast With This Desktop App
11 April 2023

Find Lyrics to Songs (For Some Good Desktop Karaoke!)

Up for a round of Desktop Karaoke but you can’t remember the song you wanted to sing? Or, maybe you got a few words from a catchy tune stuck in your head and you just. can’t. recall. the. tune. You’re not alone. Most people have experienced playing parts of songs over and over in their heads without knowing the full song or title. If you’re trying to find the song by lyrics but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. We have a few tips that can make locating those lost notes or song names easy. 

Use the OneLaunch Lyrics App to Find Lyrics

If you’re struggling to remember the lyrics of a song, the free OneLaunch Lyrics App can help you find forgotten tunes. The app is easy to use and once pinned to your OneLaunch dock you can search for lyrics on the web by song name, album name or artist name with one click. When the app displays the results, make your selection to view the song’s lyrics. It’s really that simple. The OneLaunch Lyrics App offers another feature: a play button at the bottom of the lyrics screen so you can listen to a snippet of the song in addition to viewing the lyrics. If you’d like to go one step further and hear entire songs, the OneLaunch Lyrics App features Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube portals, so you can listen to your favorite tunes anytime you’re on your Windows device.

To make your experience with the OneLaunch Lyrics App a good one, we put together a short YouTube video to demonstrate how to pin the app to your OneLaunch dock and step-by-step instructions on how to use the app.

Find Song Lyrics When You Know the Name of the Song

If you know the name of a song but are at a loss for the words, an internet search also works. Type in the song title followed by the word “lyrics” in the search bar of your favorite search engine page. For example, if you use Google Chrome, go to to begin your free lyrics search. Your search may result in several websites popping up, meaning you may need to sift through more than one site to find the correct lyrics.

(Beware, as some of those sites are littered with ads, which you won’t get when you use the OneLaunch lyrics app. Here’s how OneLaunch earns revenue.)

To help narrow your search, include other details, such as the artist or partial lyrics you do know with the title in the search box. Searching your song title on the website may help find your song lyrics. It’s a free website that’s user-friendly. Simply type in the name of the artist or song. Click on a linked title to view all the lyrics for that particular song.

How to Find the Title of a Song With Lyrics

Trying to find songs with partial lyrics can prove challenging, especially when you learn that the lyrics you thought were part of a certain song … aren’t.

Resources like contain vast databases that you can browse by artists and lyrics alphabetically, and search by genres or by lyrics. You may be surprised at how many results you get. Our test keyword “downtown train” returned 723 lyrics, 108 artists, and 50 albums that matched those words. When your initial search ends with a mountain of information to sift through, adding as much info as you know about the song or lyrics can help decrease unwanted results. 

Tips for Memorizing Lyrics

Even with all of these music resources at your fingertips, practicing your recall skills may help you remember song titles and lyrics without resorting to searching the web. Here are a few tips:

  • Listen to your favorite songs over and over, preferably with few to zero distractions.
  • Create an emotional connection to the lyrics. Think about your reactions and emotions when hearing a song.
  • Sing a song you want to remember before sleeping and upon waking.
  • Print out lyrics for free so you can read the lyrics while you sing them.
  • If you can’t print the lyrics out, write them down. Reading the words to a song repeatedly may help you remember.

For a funny list of frequently misheard lyrics, visit kissthisguy, a website that’s collected a vast database of commonly misunderstood lyrics. It’s named after the Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze,” which, for decades, was often the source of many debates: Does he say “kiss this guy” or “kiss the sky”? How DID humans survive the ‘60s and ‘70s without the internet to settle such debates? 

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