Search the Best Sites for Recipes, All From One Place
Search the Best Sites for Recipes, All From One Place
31 October 2022
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Best Places to Forage for Food Recipes Online

Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy using recipe sites to gather ideas for your next mealtime or party? We created a recipe app to provide you quick and easy access to the best sites for recipes within our OneLaunch dashboard. Here’s a quick explainer and our top picks for recipe websites.

By the way, we are working on the Recipes app all the time, looking for ways to deliver even better choices for you. We’re expanding our sources, as well as developing ways to sort and find the best recipes.   

Introduction to the OneLaunch Apps panel

First, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to install OneLaunch on your Windows desktop. Once inside OneLaunch, tap the “Add apps” button (the + sign) next to the Facebook icon in the dock. This will open up the Apps panel, where you can see our collection of various apps, sites, games, and more that might interest you. When you click on one of the icons within the Apps panel, they pin to your dock, so the next time you want to use the app, you just have to click its icon in the dock. So, for recipe websites, you’ll want to tap the carrot icon in the Apps panel to pin it to your dock. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the Apps panel. To remove an app from the dock, right-click the icon with your mouse and choose Unpin from dock. 

How to Find Recipe Websites with the OneLaunch Recipes app

To find recipe sites within OneLaunch, click the carrot icon in the dock to bring up a list of recipe websites, including Epicurious, Food Network, My Food & Family, Allrecipes, and Food, plus a search option. To visit one of the five sites, select one and click Search. OneLaunch will instantly direct you to the site where you can search through recipes, print them or save them for later. If you have a dish in mind, use the search bar. For example, if you’re looking for egg dishes, select your recipe site, type the word eggs into the search bar, and tap the blue Search button. Doing so will only bring up recipes related to your search term. 

Here Are the Best Recipe Websites

We think you’ll enjoy searching through our top five best recipe websites. They are well-known and well-loved by cooks everywhere. Let’s look at each and see what they bring to the table. 


With over 33,000 recipes, Epicurious has been a go-to resource for home cooks and foodies alike. You can find daily kitchen tips, expert advice, a search option based on what’s new, ingredient, holidays, quick and easy, and dietary preferences, including gluten-free and vegetarian. You can view three complimentary recipes, then you need a subscription to view more. Subscriptions are $40/year or $4.99/month. Out of the five recipe sites, the dishes on Epicurious fall more into gourmet dining than the others. You won’t find any beef recipes on Epicurious, as they focus on sustainable cooking.

Food Network

On the Food Network site, you can find recipes from your favorite Food Network TV shows, take classes, read about the many chefs that work with the Food Network, and more. Like other recipe sites, Food Network has a daily recipe that allows you to search for recipes by ingredients, what’s trending, holidays, and cooking methods like slow cooker or instant pot. The Food Network site is free to use. If you wish to watch full seasons of the channel on their website, you need to link your cable provider to the Food Network.

My Food and Family

My Food and Family is another free option for finding recipes online. Because the site is from KraftHeinz, you’ll find their 54,000+ recipes suggesting using KraftHeinz products. Each recipe displays a nutrition label, so you know what you’re getting. My Food and Family lets you search for recipes by ingredient, event, etc. Many recipes on this site come with a video so you can follow along. 


Allrecipes is an excellent resource for recipes based on meals (breakfast, appetizers, side dishes, etc.), occasions, ingredients, cooking methods, and cuisine. Like other recipe sites, you can subscribe to the Allrecipes free newsletter to get recipes sent straight to your inbox. With over 200 new recipes on the site each week and over 1,500 videos, you won’t have any trouble finding just the right recipe. 

Food has over 526,000 recipes; you can search with either the search bar or their drop-down menu, which breaks down all recipes into categories such as cuisine, season, holiday, diet, and popularity. One thing you won’t find on this recipe website is videos. However, you can still save, download, print, or share a recipe for free.

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