How to Send Free eCards Online for Every Occasion
How to Send Free eCards Online for Every Occasion
12 April 2022
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How to Send Free eCards (Birthday, Holiday, Special Occasions)

Imagine you’re online, and you see on social media that it’s the birthday of your best friend from college. Shouldn’t you already know that? No judgment; we can’t all remember every special day. So, you see it’s someone’s special day, and you want to send them a special message — fast. No need to run to the store or buy stamps because OneLaunch has a built-in feature that lets you send an ecard (electronic card) within a few minutes to someone, including free animated cards guaranteed to generate smiles.

(What’s an eCard? It’s an electronic greeting card that requires an email address, both from the sender and the recipient, so they do require registration. Most eCards are animated and customizable.)

Here’s what you do …

How to Use the OneLaunch eCards App

The OneLaunch software for Windows devices has many applications that can make browsing the internet and completing everyday tasks simple. We filled our OneLaunch Apps Library with practical applications like our eCard app with productivity in mind.

To use the application, first open OneLaunch (download and install OneLaunch if you don’t already have it on your computer). Once you’ve opened OneLaunch, tap the plus sign in the dock (at the top of the screen); this will, by default, open up to the Apps Library. Tap on the eCards icon. You should now see the eCards app at the top of your screen next to the plus sign. Click on the eCards icon on the dock, select from one of the categories, type in an occasion in the search bar, and tap the Search button to bring only cards related to that occasion. Clicking on a category opens a webpage for GreetingsIsland. 

What is GreetingsIsland?

So, what is GreetingsIsland? After researching eCard sites, we felt GreetingsIsland was the ideal site for a wide selection of digital greeting cards because they have a large variety of free options, as well as premium options for our OneLaunch customers.

You’ll be able to send 30 e-greeting cards for free every month, including:

  • Free eCards for Christmas
  • Virtual birthday cards
  • Funny eCards

Once you’re on an eCards page, you’ll notice some cards have a crown next to the word “premium.” This notation indicates you need a premium subscription to send that eCard.

On the other hand, it is free to send if there isn’t any text under the eCard.

GreetingsIsland offers two premium plans. One is monthly for $2.99 and yearly for $23.40 (or $1.95 a month). GreetingsIsland allows you to customize eCards and Invitations with text, stickers, and images.

Tips for Sending eCards with OneLaunch

To make it even easier to send an eCard with OneLaunch and GreetingsIsland, we’ve put together a few tips for you:

  • If you know you’ll be sending several eCards in one category within the eCards app, you can add categories to the dock by moving your mouse over the category, like birthdays, and clicking the box in the upper right. Now, instead of going back through the eCards app to send eCards, all you have to do is click the birthdays’ icon in the OneLaunch dock. To remove the category from the dock, go back into the eCards app and uncheck the box.
  • Signing up for a free account on the GreetingsIsland website allows you to send eCards online, save a draft of your eCard to work on later, and get a notification when your recipient reads your card.
  • You will need your recipient’s email to send the electronic card via email. If you prefer, you can also copy the link you get while sending your card and paste it into a text message or on the recipient’s Facebook or Twitter page. 
  • If you wish to print out the card and give it to your recipient in an envelope, you’ll have to provide the envelope.
  • To know if your recipient received your eCard, check the box asking you want to be notified when your recipient reads your card on the Send screen.
  • Before you send your eCard, preview it to see how it’ll look and ensure you don’t have any typos, etc.
  • Use a free GreetingsIsland account to send invitations to multiple recipients and manage RSVPs.
  • GreetingsIsland doesn’t have a “send later” option, so save a card in your drafts if you don’t want to send it right away.
  • You can send up to 30 cards a month with a free GreetingsIsland account.

Whether you want to say “Hi,” “Happy Birthday,” “Congrats,” or you want to invite family and friends to a celebration, the OneLaunch eCards app can make it quicker, simpler, and cheaper (some free) than sending store-bought cards and invitations.

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