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Is OneLaunch Safe?
19 May 2021

Yes, OneLaunch is safe! OneLaunch has consistently been assessed by security experts and antivirus software as being safe. See for yourself by uploading OneLaunch’s installer to VirusTotal, a website which aggregates the assessments of uploaded programs provided by various security software vendors. At no point in our history has VirusTotal shown our software to be considered a virus or malware by any security providers. We do not collect personal information unless absolutely necessary to provide service to our users, and we never sell personal information to anyone. OneLaunch respects user choice with regards to how it operates on their system, and can be easily uninstalled if you don’t enjoy it. Our team is committed to publishing genuinely useful software that delights users and improves their online experience. Check out what our users have to say about OneLaunch here, or see the benefits yourself by downloading OneLaunch now!

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