Last Minute Tech Gift Ideas For Any Occasion
Last Minute Tech Gift Ideas For Any Occasion
25 November 2022

Last Minute Cool Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas (Or Any Celebration)

Forget to get something for your friend or relative? We’ve all been there! But fortunately there’s a lot of great gadgets, accessories, and devices out there that go beyond just a novelty.

If they’ve just purchased a new computer (or you know someone that’s about to give them a computer!) there’s a lot of extra add ons that can make their experience that much better. 

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve put together a list of some cool tech gadgets and gifts for 2022 that anyone with a computer can enjoy. Remember that you can find all these items and items like them by using OneLaunch’s shopping app. Copy the item names we’ve listed below over to the shopping app tab in the OneLaunch dock and then press enter. You’ll also be able to narrow your search down to a specific department. 

Good Tech Gifts For Anyone

Logitech G413

If you’ve ever typed on a mechanical keyboard before, you know much of a difference it can make in the experience. If you or someone you know frequently uses their computer, a nice new keyboard can significantly improve the experience. However, most mechanical keywords will be upward of $100. Fortunately, the G413 is only around $49.99, and will still work very well. 

Arlo Video Doorbell

Concerned about having your packages or deliveries stolen? Want to know who’s at the door? The Arlo Video Doorbell will let you know when someone is at the door and send the information to the app on your smartphone. You can also activate a built-in siren if you see someone suspicious. This is available to purchase online for $79.99.

Unique Tech Gifts

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Ever wish you could get more mileage out of a paper notebook? This makes a great gift for school-age grandchildren and anyone who still uses paper notebooks in a digital world! It’s the best of both analog and digital worlds. This 36-page dotted notebook can be endlessly reused to handwrite notes. With the special Pilot Frixion pen marker, you can make as many notes as you’d like. Then, after you’re done, Rocketbook’s smart tiles connect with the app you’ve installed on your smart phone and transfer all of your notes to the app for storage. Using a wet cloth, you can wipe away your notes and continue to use the notebook! This notebook is available for purchase online for $19.99.

80 in 1 Computer Repair Kit

Having a computer repair kit is a must for any first time desktop owners. Most computers use very small specialized screws that can easily get lost within your case. A repair kit not only comes with precious screwdrivers, but also magnetic bits to pull screws out from tight spaces. The kit comes with brushes and other accessories to clean the dust out of your computer as well. The 80 in 1 repair kit is available for $19.99 online. 

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

One of the best technology gifts you can give is the give of power! Nothing is more annoying than running out of USB slots, or having to transport your charging stations from room to room. With phone chargers, keyboards, memory drives, webcams, and more using USB slots, it’s easy to run out! Furthermore, some devices like webcams you don’t want on when you’re not using them. A USB port hub will plug into your computer and turn one port into four. Better yet, you can activate and deactivate the ports when you need them. A 4-port hub is available online for $16.95.

Modern Technology Gifts for Tech Lovers

144hz Monitor

Displays for laptops and desktops usually have a low refresh rate. Refresh rate means how often the picture that you see on the screen is updated every second. The average monitor refresh rate is around 60hz, or 60 times per second. However, a 144hz monitor will refresh the image 144 times a second. This makes it far easier on your eyes and makes the images on your computer appear smoother than they previously were before. A 144hz monitor like the AOC G2490VX is available to purchase online for $149.99

USB Microphone

Do people have trouble hearing you on your computer? Or do you know someone you can’t understand when you hop on a video call with them? A USB microphone will work with any computer and provide great sound quality for a surprisingly low price. Try searching for USB microphones using the OneLaunch dock. Here is an example of a USB Microphone for $14.99 

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14 

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is a 14” laptop that will work very well for someone looking for a simple yet powerful computer. The IdeaPad3 runs a Windows operating system and comes with a 256GB SSD for super fast startup speeds and application load times. The IdeaPad 3 is very lightweight at only 3.3 pounds and will have a battery life of 3 to five hours. 

Best of all, the Lenovo IdeaPad experience can be upgraded with the OneLaunch dock, which will streamline your browsing experience. The OneLaunch dock is perfect for optimizing your desktop for the applications and software that you actually use. You can also utilize the shopping app to search for other tech accessories across the web. Consider checking it out today for your device or that new computer you’re purchasing for a friend or family member!