We're Celebrating! OneLaunch Reaches 1 Million Users
We’re Celebrating! OneLaunch Reaches 1 Million Users
27 February 2023

OneLaunch Reaches 1 Million Daily Users

We have big news! In a huge achievement for our team and the product we love, OneLaunch now has over one million daily active users in the US. 

This is a huge milestone for every member of the OneLaunch team and we’re all feeling extremely proud. Surpassing one million is a testament to the OneLaunch product, its value to our users, and the tireless dedication of our talented team. We’re overjoyed to know that this many people choose to interact with our application each and every day. 

OneLaunch has come a long way since our public launch in early October 2019. We’ve improved by listening to our users, keeping an eye on other products in our space, and pushing ourselves to be better each and every day. It’s been over three years of immense learning, innovation, and good old hard work. 

It’s been so rewarding to push for this goal, but our focus is always making OneLaunch the best it can be, so we’ll never stop looking ahead.

We can’t wait to see where the next three years take us, OneLaunch, and our business overall. Today, we want to share our immense gratitude for two things:

  1. The users who interact with OneLaunch every day and push us to make the best desktop docked search application out there. Thank you!
  2. The OneLaunch Technologies Team that makes the OneLaunch magic happen. Without you, there is no OneLaunch. Thank you! 

A huge congratulations to all involved! Stay tuned for many more millions to come–they are just around the corner.


The OneLaunch Technologies Team