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OneLaunch – Should I Remove It?
19 May 2021

That’s up to you if you want to remove it or not! OneLaunch is a safe and legitimate software designed to make common computer tasks simpler and easier. OneLaunch has consistently been assessed by security experts and antivirus software as being safe. See for yourself by uploading OneLaunch’s installer to VirusTotal, a website which aggregates the assessments of uploaded programs provided by various security software vendors. At no point in our history has VirusTotal shown our software to be considered a virus or malware by any security providers. 

If you find OneLaunch’s many features useful, like our apps, search functionality, or secure browser, then we encourage you to keep it! OneLaunch is continuously improving and adding additional features, so it will only get better with time! If you prefer not to use OneLaunch anymore, it can easily be uninstalled by following the instructions here: Uninstall OneLaunch.