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The OneLaunch Apps Marketplace in 2020 & Beyond
15 April 2020

Need directions to your next meeting? Or maybe you’re looking to track the arrival of an important package. These are the everyday tasks you don’t think about, but we do. We’ve made these tasks—among others—more accessible and streamlined with the Apps Marketplace in OneLaunch. 

Our portfolio of apps are designed to make your day-to-day easier and more streamlined than ever before. With apps for Maps & Directions, Shopping, Weather, Package Tracking, Calculator, Dictionary, TV Streaming, Games, Recipes, PDF Conversion, and Email, we streamline everything you have on the go. Setup is simple, just click on the “+” button on your OneLaunch dock to browse our portfolio of apps and add your favorites. 

We have big plans for our Apps Marketplace in 2020 and beyond. In fact, you can expect to see new apps for Horoscopes, Forms, Templates, Wallpapers, Music, Radio, Notes, Internet Speed Tests, Media Players, Translators, Crafts, AdBlock, and so much more! Have another in mind? Please reach out and let us know. 

We have so many exciting plans in-store for OneLaunch. Stay tuned for updates and we hope you continue to enjoy your better browsing experience with us.

Check out a YouTube Video on this topic from the OneLaunch Team: Quick tour of the OneLaunch apps marketplace

The OneLaunch Team