Maps for Windows: Get the Most from OneLaunch Maps App
Maps for Windows: Get the Most from OneLaunch Maps App
23 February 2022
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Tips for Getting the Most From OneLaunch Maps

Here’s a look at what makes the OneLaunch Maps app so good, how it works, and how to get the most out of it. You have a lot of choices for finding street maps online, so rather than reinvent the wheel, we decided to take the best of what is already out there and put those map options in an easy-to-find, easy to navigate function on your OneLaunch dashboard.

What is the OneLaunch Maps App?

Although it’s nice to set aside the paper maps of yesteryear, online mapping tools bring challenges like figuring out which ones are the best. You don’t have to stress about choosing between an endless number of tools on the internet when you use the OneLaunch Maps app. Instead of loading up this application with tons of confusing bells and whistles that some apps might have, the OneLaunch Maps widget houses basic, important travel tools, including Google Maps, Google Earth, and Geico Gas. If you don’t want to use maps powered by Google, for whatever reason, choose Bing Maps instead. Once pinned to your OneLaunch dock, you’ll have all these tools ready for use with a click.  

How The OneLaunch Maps App Works

Upon opening the Maps App, you can select one of the tools or immediately look up directions to a location-based on transportation modes: walking, driving, or public transit. Upon clicking the Get Directions button, you’ll open Google Maps, where you can view travel info like distance, the time it will take, places to explore around the area you intend to visit, and an option to send the directions to your phone.

Choose the Google Maps option from the Maps app to search local businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and pharmacies. In addition to finding directions within the Google Maps quick link, you can further gather business hours, contact information, and website link. Tap Geico Gas for local gas price comparisons (up to 25 miles from your location) or Google Earth to view the planet, landscapes, and cities in 3D.

How to Get The Most Out of the OneLaunch Maps App

We at OneLaunch know your time is valuable; that’s why we put together a collection of apps, including the Maps app, with quick links into a single dashboard, accessible on your Windows desktop. By keeping the four tools in one place, the OneLaunch Maps app makes finding directions, local places, gas prices, and viewing Earth simple.

There is no fussing over having to open and close a crazy number of web pages just to get the right tools. In addition to the Maps app, you may want to use the Weather app (also in the OneLaunch dock) to get a forecast for your travels. You can map out your entire trip without ever having to leave OneLaunch or your couch, for that matter. What if you’re new to Google Maps? We’ve got you covered. OneLaunch provides a helpful Google Maps video tutorial within the Maps app.