Apps Library for PC Users: Ultimate Windows Customizer
Apps Library for PC Users: Ultimate Windows Customizer
4 August 2022
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What is the Apps Library from OneLaunch?

OneLaunch’s dock has the added functionality of an apps library that allows you to customize your desktop with the websites and applications that you use every day. The apps library is found on the OneLaunch dock by pressing the gray “+” icon. Within the apps library, you’ll see the icons that represent shortcuts to different programs and websites built into OneLaunch. With these apps, you can customize your Windows 10 Desktop in order to make day-to-day use far more convenient and productive.

What Are Some Apps in the OneLaunch Universe?

OneLaunch includes a multitude of apps for ease of use. For example, you can use the Weather app to see the forecast for the week in the area you live. The Maps app will use the navigation app of your choice to search addresses and find available routes. All of this is available right on your desktop! 

Here are some other apps that OneLaunch includes:

  • News – Connect your favorite news sites to stay up to date on current events.
  • Email – Link your email to easily access it directly from your desktop
  • PDF – If you frequently open and view PDFs, OneLaunch has an app for that.
  • Office – Access the entire Microsoft Office suite right from your desktop.
  • Wallpaper – Search for available pictures to set as your desktop background
  • And more!

You can personalize your desktop by pinning these apps directly to the dock, so they’re accessible with the press of a button. OneLaunch is always adding more apps and widgets, but be sure to check the functionality of the ones already included to see if they can do what you need. 

If there are additional functions or features you’d like from a OneLaunch app, we encourage you to reach out to OneLaunch support and explain what you’d like our next app to be. 

How Do You Customize the OneLaunch Dock?

Although there are a bunch of great apps available for desktop customization, not every app is for every user. You’re going to want to see them all so you know what they do to know which ones to pin to your dock. Try them out, see if you like them, and then pin the ones you like, for the ultimate desktop personalization. 

You can press the gray “+” icon on the left side to see the available apps. Then, if there’s an app you use, you can click it. You’ll see that the icon for the app is then pinned to your dock for more convenient accessibility. If you pin more apps than you have room for on your dock, you can always right-click an icon on the dock to unpin it. This is particularly useful for apps and icons that you don’t normally use. 

OneLaunch will also show the name of the app next to the icon, which is called the label. If you recognize the icon for the app and don’t need to label, you can also right-click the app to hide the label. This will save you room on the dock for additional apps. 

If you use more apps than there’s space on the dock, no problem! If you click the “+” icon again, you’ll notice that the additional app icons that you’ve selected to use will be listed below in the “overflow” section. Although the icons won’t be viewable directly on the dock, they’ll still be readily available for use.

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