Get a Free Pair of OneLaunch Socks (No Tricks, No Strings!)
Get a Free Pair of OneLaunch Socks (No Tricks, No Strings!)
28 April 2023
Image of the OneLaunch's free socks! Rocket ships and clouds.

We’re Giving Away Free Socks! No Strings Attached.

The OneLaunch Technologies team wants to send you a pair of socks for free, no catch. While supplies last, of course.

Why? The OneLaunch team is all about building amazing things together. Earlier this year, we celebrated 1 million daily active users, a major milestone for any technology! Plus, we are always looking for creative ways to thank the friends, family, followers and fans who support us every day. 

So, we sought to create something unique that communicates our company culture.   

Why Socks?

Lots of companies put their logos and branding on all sorts of things. We asked each other, what is something different that could we put the OneLaunch logo on? What’s something that … 

  • Everyone uses … 
  • No one has enough of … 
  • And, like OneLaunch, is “barely there, tucked away, and easy to access when you need it”?
  • Bonus: It has to be fun. Because we’re fun.  

Insulated coffee cups? “Please,” said one of our team members. “I’ve banned water bottles and coffee cups from my house. They were taking over my cupboards.”

T-shirts! Who doesn’t love T-shirts? “C’mon,” said another staffer. “T-shirts are so 20th Century. Everyone does logoed T-shirts.” 

Ok. What about … socks? 

The OneLaunch meeting room fell silent. Surreptitiously, we glanced at one another’s feet. So many boringly socked feet. Heads nodded. This, we said, is brilliant. Who doesn’t need socks, and who doesn’t love a beautifully designed pair of socks with rocket ships and clouds? 

Why Free?

We’re giving away free socks because … we want to. We love our company, we’re proud of our software, and we want to share our swag with you. No strings attached. You don’t even have to be a OneLaunch user to get a pair of OneLaunch socks. 

Swag is an important part of a company’s culture. Not only does logoed gear help brands build awareness, but those freebies with logos build rapport between brands and customers. Next time you visit an airport, take note of all the brands you see across people’s chests, arms, backs, bags, and heads! People love to share their favorite brands because it communicates who they are and what interests them. Logos start conversations. 

We would love to see you in a pair of OneLaunch socks! To find out how to get yours, view our 30-second video: