Introducing OneLaunch+: The fast, secure, & always ad-free browser - OneLaunch
Introducing OneLaunch+: The fast, secure, & always ad-free browser – OneLaunch
2 December 2020

Welcome to a faster, safer, ad-free experience

At OneLaunch, we’re on a mission to bring clarity, focus, and peace of mind to your browsing experience. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of OneLaunch+; the ad-free, secure, lightning-fast browser that puts your security first.

Built natively in the Chromium core, OneLaunch+ leverages advanced ad-blocking technology to ensure your browsing experience is always ad-free and secure. A significant technical undertaking, OneLaunch+ uses a combination of industry-standard filter lists and proprietary rules to block even the most stubborn ads and trackers.

After countless hours of effort and much anticipation, we are excited to share it with you today!

Welcome to a faster, safer, ad-free experience

We believe that your browsing experience should be seamless and secure. That’s why OneLaunch+ has all of the OneLaunch features you know and love — copy-and-paste history, windows at a glance, and all of your go-to apps like Maps, Weather, Mail, etc. — plus built-in ad-blocking technology that keeps you safe as you browse.

We all know that ads can be annoying — they slow load times and interrupt our browsing — but they can be harmful too. That’s why we’ve enabled ad-blocking by default on the OneLaunch+ browser.

So, how does it work?

OneLaunch+ includes a state-of-the-art ad-blocking engine that is implemented natively into the Chromium core. If you aren’t familiar with it, Chromium is an open-source project that powers browsers like OneLaunch, Chrome, Edge, and others. Google kickstarted Chromium in 2008 and has been the primary contributor ever since. The open-source nature of Chromium means that the world’s top developers contribute to it making it one of the most robust platforms available. OneLaunch+ is built on the Chromium base. This means that OneLaunch+ incorporates all of the enhanced security features and reliability of other Chromium-based browsers like Chrome.

All ad-blockers rely on a set of “rules” to decide what to block and what to allow. The OneLaunch+ ad-blocker aggregates information from a number of public and proprietary lists. These lists are updated every 24 hours meaning you always have maximum protection and up-to-date coverage wherever, whenever you browse.

Features you’ll love

Now that you’re familiar with how OneLaunch+ does what it does. Let’s dive into its custom features we know you’ll love.

Advanced ad and tracker blocking

Ads can be annoying — they clutter web pages and cloud search result pages making it difficult to find what you’re looking for. What’s worse is that some ads masquerade as valuable content, making it difficult to tell the difference between the two. Even if you know they’re ads, it’s easy to accidentally click on them. Some ads contain tracking links or cookies that follow you across the web and keep tabs on your whereabouts. OneLaunch+ automatically removes all ads and trackers so you never have to worry about putting yourself or device at risk by clicking the wrong thing.

Lightning fast browsing

Ads clutter sites and add unnecessary weight to pages. As a result, pages with ads take longer to load than those without. OneLaunch+ blocks weighty ads, thereby improving the overall speed and performance of your device. In fact, search results and web pages load on average 60% faster when you browse with OneLaunch+.

Private browsing & enhanced security

Ads are everywhere; 56% of web pages contain ads and 76% have tracking links. These ads and trackers have the potential to carry malware and viruses that can slow down your computer, or even worse, capture your personal information. Once you realize the security threat of trackers following you around the web, it’s hard to feel confident online. OneLaunch+ stops all of these threats in their tracks by blocking even the sneakiest ads and tracking links.

How OneLaunch+ enhances your online experience

  • Faster load speeds — save time and bandwidth by removing weighty ads.
  • Private browsing — no ads or trackers watching your every move.
  • Browse with peace of mind — be confident with every click knowing that we’ve removed all ads and trackers from your feed.

Feel confident and in-control when you browse the web — without intrusive ads or persistent trackers following your around. OneLaunch+ takes ads out of the equation to bring you a fast, secure, and always-ad free browsing experience.

Browse with peace of mind. Get OneLaunch+ today!