Bookmark Management: Tips for Saving Pages in OneLaunch
Bookmark Management: Tips for Saving Pages in OneLaunch
30 December 2021
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Managing Bookmarks: Tips for Saving Pages in OneLaunch

Going through your web browser bookmarks is a lot like cleaning out your decades-old wardrobe and strolling down memory lane. While hanging on to a few classics is acceptable (and possibly trendy), hanging on to everything becomes an overwhelming fabric pile.

The same holds for your browser bookmarks. Fail to organize your bookmarks (webpages) as you fill up folders and, over time, your bookmark collection can become an unmanageable nightmare that makes finding that one bookmark from years ago challenging. Managing bookmarks makes them easier to manage and navigate. Here’s how to tame your bookmarks and how OneLaunch can help.

First, Back Up Your Bookmarks

Before purging your bookmarks, back them up somewhere safe like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. Saving your current bookmarks ensures you can recover any deleted ones if you need them again. 

The steps to back up your bookmarks are fairly straightforward regardless of whether you use Chrome or alternatives to Chrome:

  • Google Chrome: Click menu (three-dots in upper right corner) > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager. Tap the lower menu within the Bookmark Manager page and select Export bookmarks. Choose where you want to export your bookmarks, name the file and save.

Chrome Bookmarks manager access
  • Microsoft Edge: Click the star icon with three lines > three-dot menu in Favorites menu > Export favorites. Select where you want to export your bookmarks, name the file and save.
  • Apple Safari: Choose File > Export > Bookmarks. Select a location and save your file.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click the hamburger menu (three stacked lines) > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks. Select Import and Backup from the toolbar in the Library window > Export Bookmarks to HTML. Choose a location to save your file and save.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Click the star icon > down arrow next to Add to Favorites. Select Import and Export > Export to file > Next > Favorites > Next > Next. Select where you want to save your file and click Export. Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer will no longer be supported on certain versions of Windows 10 starting June 15, 2022. 

Declutter and Organize Your Bookmarks

Now that you have saved a copy of your bookmarks, you can go in and begin deleting duplicates, those you no longer need or ones that are now dead or redirected. Once in your Bookmarks Manager (Google Chrome) or Favorites menu (Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer), you can right-click any bookmark or folder and delete. In Favorites, Apple users control-click a bookmark, then delete. Mozilla users select bookmark in Library > Organize > Delete. If you sync your Chrome browser data, changes made on your PC or Mac will also reflect on your laptop or mobile device.

“How do I organize bookmarks?”

Yeah, that’s a great question, and the answer is really dependent on how you think. You could keep it simple, and organize them alphabetically. Or, you could use some sort of bucketing system, putting similar bookmarks together — shopping, banking, health, social media, etc.  

Chrome Bookmarks Manager

Use folders to organize your decluttered bookmarks. Depending on how granular you wish to categorize your bookmarks, you can elect to create a hierarchy of folders with nesting folders in each. Organizing your bookmarks based on their relationship may help you find them later. For example: Put web pages related to news in one folder and work-related pages into another, and so on. You can further break them down into subcategories into their folders. Now that your bookmarks are decluttered and organized, it’s time to maintain them.

Maintain Your Bookmarks with OneLaunch

Using OneLaunch, a free customization tool for your desktop, can help you effortlessly maintain your bookmarks by keeping all bookmarks in one place.

Once you’ve tidied up your bookmarks in your main browser and opened OneLaunch, the program will import those bookmarks into OneLaunch, so your browsing experience feels like home. A quick side note: The bookmark import only happens during the initial OneLaunch install. After the install, you will need to make sure to add bookmarks to OneLaunch manually, especially if you are still using a different browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The good news is, that adding bookmarks to OneLaunch is extremely simple to do.

A quick tap on the O icon in the upper left corner of your OneLaunch dock opens your dashboard. Click the plus sign next to Bookmarks to add a bookmark or folder to your collection. Reminder: You can add bookmarks manually via your OneLaunch Chromium browser via the 3 dot settings menu. If you have a considerable collection of bookmarks, tap the three-dot menu on the right to view them all. Select any bookmark, and OneLaunch will open the page for you. To access a bookmark inside a folder, you must tap the folder then the desired page.

A cool feature we built into OneLaunch is a seamless sync between the OneLaunch dashboard and the OneLaunch Chromium browser. When you add bookmarks in one area, they’ll automatically update in the other.  

Like cleaning out your clothes closets, your bookmarks need a bit of TLC. Purging forgotten ones and putting “must-haves” in order will make your online browsing and your next overhaul easier.

One final tip to leave you with. OneLaunch pins top sites to your OneLaunch dock. It’s kind of like adding your bookmarks’ greatest hits to your dock. Check out this quick video on how and why you may want to do that.