Need More Wordle? Here Are 11 Daily Games Like Wordle
Need More Wordle? Here Are 11 Daily Games Like Wordle
19 April 2022
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Craving More Wordle? 11 Games You Can Play Daily For Free

You may have heard of the Scrabble-adjacent puzzle game called “Wordle”? It’s the latest game craze, where you try to guess a 5-letter word in six attempts or less. You can play it on your phone or computer, and it requires no software download or installation.

It may seem challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it’s addicting! If you guess a word that contains the same letters as the “hidden” word, that letter will be highlighted with a yellow box. If that letter is also in the same spot as the “hidden” word, it will be highlighted with a green box, like so:

As you can see in the screenshot above, it took us 4 out of 6 tries to get Wordle #303.  

Creator Josh Wardle made the game publicly available on a free website in October 2021. On Nov. 1, it had only 90 players, but its simplicity, combined with its surprising depth, has led to a rapid rise in popularity. Two months later, it had more than 300,000 players. Today, Wordle is owned by the New York Times and is publicly available for free for its 1 million daily players and growing. 

However, there is a catch to the New York Times’ Wordle: There’s only one word per day! While this makes it fun for the community, as everyone can share their results on social media, it begs the question: What do you play when you await the next Wordle?

We found these similar games to Wordle that can help you exercise your brain.

Worldle Daily Geography Quiz 

Worldle puts a geographical spin on the classic Wordle game. Rather than guessing a hidden word, you’re given the outline of a random country in the world that you have to try to identify. If you guess wrong, you’re given how many kilometers away you were and an arrow that points roughly in the direction of the country. Great for learning world geography!

As you can see from the day that we tested Worldle, our editor has a little work to do to learn world geography! 

Framed Daily Movie Quiz

Framed tests your film knowledge by giving you 1 frame from a movie. In film, a “frame” refers to the film reel that you use to record and display a movie. Most movies show 24 frames, or 24 individual pictures, every second to give the illusion of movement. So, if a movie is 2 hours long, that means it has 172,800 total frames! Framed shows you 1 of those frames and every time you guess incorrectly, it will give you a different frame. You only get 6 tries to guess, and, as you can see, we didn’t get it on the day we tested it: 

Hurdle The Daily Marathon Word Guess

Hurdle is the marathon version of Wordle. The first game plays normally, with you guessing a 5-letter word within 6 tries. However, after you guess it correctly, it puts you onto the next “hurdle” which uses your previous word as the first guess. Once you do this 4 times, you move on to the final round, where you have 2 guesses for the final word, using clues from the previous 4 words. Definitely a more challenging and longer version of the classic Wordle!

Nerdle Wordle-Like Game for Numbers Lovers

Looking for a more mathematical challenge? Nerdle has you guess the values in an equation with 8 potential values. As with all Wordle-type games, a green highlight represents the correct value in the correct spot, and purple represents the right value but in the wrong spot. It’s important to note that the equation needs to be correct, so the answer will never be something like 1 + 2 = 4. Perfect for those that prefer numbers to words. 

Quordle For Even More Wordle-Like Fun

For an extra-challenging spin on Wordle, Quordle gives you 9 guesses to guess 4 words—at the same time! Each word is represented in 1 of 4 quadrants. You’ll need to be as efficient as possible with your guesses, targeting specific words that have letters in common with some of the other words on the board. Quordle provides a useful coloring system on the letters of the game, so you can keep track of each quadrant. Perfect for Wordle pros!

We got 3 out of 4 of the Quordle words on the day we tested it. It’s a tricky one!

Still Want More Games Like Wordle?

We tried Absurdle, but it made us want to throw our keyboards out the window. As the help screen says, it’s “an adversarial version of Josh Wardle’s excellent Wordle.” That’s quite the understatement.

Crosswordle is yet another take on guessing a 5-letter word, but in reverse. You’re given the answer, and then you have to back into it. Meh.

With Dordle, you have 6 guesses to figure out 2 words, so it’s like working 2 Wordle puzzles at once. It’s challenging.

For fans of “Name That Tune,” try Heardle, although you’ll need to know a very wide variety of music (lots of modern tunes, rather than familiar classics). This could be a good one to play with a few generations (kids, grandkids).

Speaking of daily games for the whole family: Star Wars fans might enjoy Star Wordle, while Harry Potter fans might enjoy Wizarding Wordle.

If you like these games, remember to use your OneLaunch bookmark feature so you can find them every day.

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