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The best Chrome extensions for upgrading your browsing experience
15 March 2020

Modern browsers are full of incredible features, but sometimes you just need a little something extra. That’s where extensions come in. Extensions allow you to further customize your browser and streamline your browsing experience. Thankfully, Google has a massive library of extensions in their Web Store. And, because OneLaunch is a Chromium-based browser, you can easily install any extension you like from the Chrome Web Store and start using it right away.

Getting started with Chrome Extensions

To install an extension, you first need to head to the Chrome Web Store. Simply use the search bar on the left to find a specific extension or you can look through the curated categories on the front page. Click Add to Chrome. A confirmation window will appear that informs you of any permissions or data that extension needs. To add the extension, click Add extension.

If you need to manage, disable, or uninstall an extension, you can do so directly from your browser.

In either Chrome or your OneLaunch browser, click on the three vertical dots on the top right and choose More tools and then Extensions. You can turn the extension off, remove it, or change its site access. Additionally, you can right-click the extension icon itself (on your browser bar top right) for a variety of options.  

Some of the Best Chrome Extensions

With so many extensions to choose from, picking out which ones you might like can take a while. To get you started, these are some the best Chrome extensions:

uBlock Origin: An ad blocker is one of the best extensions you can add to a browser. There are tons available, but uBlock Origin is both effective and extremely customizable. It ensures that you won’t see ads while also protecting you from potentially harmful elements on websites.

Better History: Have you ever tried to return to a site you visited once, only to find that you’ve forgotten the address? Using the default browser history viewer isn’t always easy. Better History replaces the standard vertical timeline with a simple horizontal one. You can jump to specific days or hours to see pages you visited. You can also search for page titles, site names, and even search within the page itself.

HTTPS Everywhere: Many people care about protecting their internet privacy. Thankfully, most sites respect this and use “https” encryption to help protect their users’ information. HTTPS Everywhere ensures that every site uses this more secure encryption.

Pinterest: There’s no doubt that Pinterest is an internet sensation. If you’re an avid fan of the site or simply looking to start using it, the Pinterest extension is the way to go. It not only allows you to pin things to your board with ease, but it also shows you the pinnable items on each site.

Grammarly: If you write a lot, Grammarly is almost indispensable. Regardless of whether it’s for a Facebook post, email, or research paper, it’s easy to forget an obscure grammar rule or the spelling of a word. Grammarly fixes spelling and grammar issues and can even suggest more concise phrases.

Strict Workflow: More people are working from home than ever before. But, staying on task can be hard with the internet available at your fingertips. When you activate it, Strict Workflow blocks any non-work websites for 25 minutes. After that, it unblocks them to give you a five-minute break to check your social media or relax a bit before repeating the process.

Honey: Digital shopping has become a major part of using the internet, but finding coupons is quite a bit harder than it used to be. Honey is an extension that automatically finds and applies coupons to sites like Amazon to save you money. It can even tell you when the price of an item is at its lowest so you save even more.

Dark Reader: If you like browsing the web at night, you know the bright themes websites use can be hard on the eyes. Dark Reader forces a dark theme for most sites and even lets you adjust other site settings like brightness, contrast, and fonts.

Google Dictionary: The internet has made using a dictionary incredibly easy. But, it can be even easier. This extension allows you to highlight and double-click a word to get its definition or translate it into another language.

podStation Podcast Player: In recent years, podcasts have risen as one of the dominant forms of entertainment. There’s one for any topic you might have interest in. But, if you’re a fan of many podcasts, it can be hard to keep track. This extension lists all of your podcasts and even lets you play them straight from your browser.


Browsers like Chrome and OneLaunch are full of tons of helpful features. Extensions further help you customize your browser for a truly personalized experience. Regardless of where your interests or needs lie, you’ll find an extension that perfectly fits them.