24 Good Websites, Podcasts, Mags and More (2023 Edition)
24 Good Websites, Podcasts, Mags and More (2023 Edition)
30 May 2023

Our List of Websites, Podcasts, Newsletters for the Non-Tech-Savvy 2023 Edition 

We’ve rounded up a list of user-friendly websites, podcasts, magazines and newsletters for less tech-savvy people who want to explore the internet but aren’t sure where to begin. From information resources to creativity and productivity to entertainment, these websites will help make your online experience easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re a beginner or just searching for some useful websites.

Note: The following sites/apps/programs are free and do not require downloading any software.

Important Websites To Check Out

Google Earth

You can explore the globe with Google Earth. This site offers a 3D rendering of the planet based on satellite imagery. You can view cities, landscapes, and even your own home by clicking the magnifying glass and typing in your address in the search box. Check out the 3-D view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


Ever lose a manual or user guide to a product you’ve purchased? With millions of manuals available to view or download, ManualsLib is the largest manual library on the internet. You can search by brand or product number. 


Your internet speed plays a significant role in how quickly websites load. The faster the internet is, the faster a webpage, such as this one, shows up on your screen. So, if you’ve ever wondered how fast your internet speed is, Fast.com will show you. It’s a free tool (no downloading necessary) that will check your internet in seconds. Read about more ways to check your internet speed.

OneLaunch Blog

For helpful, informative content for non-digital natives or less tech-savvy users, add the OneLuanch blog to your favorites. 


If you enjoy shopping but find Amazon overwhelming with its enormous number of items, CamelCamelCamel can help you track prices and alert you when prices drop. You can opt to track popular items or search for a specific item using its Amazon URL, keyword, or manufacturer.  


Coursera offers over 2,700 free online classes. Subjects include social sciences, personal development, computer science, health, art & humanities, and business.


Find free stuff. Give away free stuff. Ask for free stuff. Freecycle is a completely free site that encourages people to give away free items, rather than fill landfills. In need of donations? Post: “Lawnmower needed for teen’s summer job.” Got one to get rid of? Post “Free lawnmower.”  


From the U.S. EPA, MyEnvironment provides details on your local air, water and climate quality, as well as local energy analysis and if there are any NPL (national priorities list) sites nearby. 

Websites for Creativity and Productivity


Whether you need to create a presentation for work or you’re looking for images for a personal project, Unsplash has over 3,000,000 photos that you can use for free. 


Pixlr is a free (ad-supported) photo editor, design tool, and image generator (thanks to AI). To get started, you can drag and drop an image file, paste from your clipboard, or select a Pixlr template. If you want an ad-free experience or additional tools not available in the free version of Pixlr, you’ll need a paid subscription.

Microsoft Math Solver

Are you a student or just a math geek? Microsoft Math Solver has several calculators, including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and matrix. In addition to helping you solve mathematical problems with step-by-step explanations, Microsoft provides learning materials such as related worksheets and video tutorials.


If you want to create something but aren’t sure where to begin, Instructables.com may be able to help. With over 126,000 projects listed, this website offers step-by-step instructions on how to make pretty much anything from a lightsaber lamp to 2-ingredient dough cinnamon rolls to toilet roll dioramas to a mosquito-repelling candle.

Entertainment Sites When You Have a Minute


Not sure what to watch on TV? Reelgood is “the most extensive streaming guide” with a library filled with all the movies and TV shows available online, including content on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. You can browse by title, genre, release year, or IMDB rating. Reelgood will show you where to watch your selected content, which you can access directly through Reelgood. 


The New York Times releases a new Wordle (word puzzle) each day. The object of the fun, popular word game is to figure out the hidden word in six tries. You can keep your stats and post/share your daily performance online with a free NYT account. See our list of more games like Wordle.

Bonus: Listen to These Podcasts

  • Stuff You Should Know: This podcast covers everything from history and science to everyday life and pop culture. You can listen to it on iHeart, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. 
  • The Pool Room with Tony Armstrong: Hear the untold stories in sports history. This podcast “celebrates the winners, losers, and the weird stuff in between.” Available on iHeart, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.
  • Food Chat: You can learn about food production through interviews with farmers, restaurant owners, nutrition experts, and more. Other topics include how Hydroponic vegetables are grown, where spices come from, and how to make jam and jelly or masa from scratch for homemade tamales. Available on Apple Podcasts and iHeart.  

Read These Magazines (Online)

  • Health: You can read about health topics, including wellness, nutrition, and health conditions. You can also subscribe to several newsletters.
  • Aeon: Here, you can find essays on deep issues in science, philosophy, society, and the arts.
  • Money: Learn about investing, banking, shopping, credit, mortgages, insurance, and more.

Subscribe to Some Newsletters

  • Morning Brew: A brief informative, yet entertaining newsletter on the latest business news, trends, and analysis.
  • Cheapism: A daily or weekly newsletter for frugal readers.
  • The Penny Hoarder: Here, you’ll find even more ways to save money.
  • Feel Good News: “The best news of last week,” delivered once a week to your in-box.

With these user-friendly websites, magazines, podcasts, and newsletters, even our less tech-savvy readers can explore and enjoy the internet.

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