Free Templates Online for Business, Personal Use
Free Templates Online for Business, Personal Use
24 April 2023

Where to Find Free Templates Online

Creating professional-quality documents, such as a resume, flyer, brochure, e-card, or calendar, from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive if you buy design software or pay someone else to do the work. However, free business templates provide you with a pre-designed, customizable starting point, so you don’t have to spend hours formatting your document. Simply add your text, images, etc., to the template, and you’re done. While free templates can help you save time and money, you first need to know where to find them online. Here are a few places you can find free templates online. 

Find Templates in the OneLaunch Template App

OneLaunch continues to add new tools to our apps library that are easy to use and can help you with your daily tasks, whether business-related or personal. For example, our Templates app gives you access to free templates online for Microsoft Office and templates from Greetings Island, all in one place, with one-click access. What type of templates can you find in the OneLaunch Templates app?

  • Resumes
  • Flyers
  • Letters
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Invoices
  • Business
  • Calendars
  • eCards
  • Budget

After you pin the Templates app to your OneLaunch dock, you can open the app with one click. Once in the app, you can select a particular template type or look for one with the search bar. You’ll need the appropriate Microsoft Office tools, such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, to format any of the Microsoft templates. However, to keep your costs down, we suggest you use these tools with Microsoft 365 for the web for free. For eCards from Greetings Island, no additional software is needed to customize their templates, and you can print directly from the website. Here’s a quick video on how the OneLaunch Templates app works.

You can find free business templates or templates for personal use on the internet.

Free Canva Templates is a graphic design platform with 250,000 free templates you can customize, share, or print. The website also has stock photos and graphics you can use at no cost. With Canva, you can drag and drop elements like images into their free templates to design things like monthly planners, presentations and invoices. You can find a template from the Canva home screen by typing in what type of template you’re looking for in the search bar. If you’re new to Canva, it’ll walk you through the process with word bubbles highlighting specific features you may find helpful or necessary for your project. A gold crown in the corner of a template, image, graphic, etc., indicates it is a paid element.

Free Adobe Express Templates

Like Canva and Microsoft 365 for the web, Adobe Express is a Windows-compatible, web-based application that allows you to create professional-looking documents from free online templates. In addition to thousands of customizable templates, Adobe Express has a collection of fonts and royalty-free photos you can use in your projects. Elements you can customize include text, images and backgrounds. Note Adobe Express, like Canva, has a gold crown on premium items that require a paid subscription. And unfortunately, Adobe Express doesn’t offer a step-by-step walkthrough if you’re using the tool for the first time. However, they have resources, including how-to guides, that you can access for free.

While generous in features, the free versions of Canva and Adobe Express have limited capabilities. If your demands are greater than a few projects here and there, or you want features/tools not provided in a free plan, you’ll need to consider a paid subscription to one of them.

We hope you find the OneLaunch Templates app useful. If you have any questions or have an idea for another OneLaunch feature, contact us at [email protected].