Coming Soon to OneLaunch (2022 Summer News)
Coming Soon to OneLaunch (Summer 2022)
16 May 2022
OneLaunch NTP

Coming Soon to OneLaunch: New Tab Page

Who doesn’t like shiny new things, especially when they make your day-to-day life more manageable and hopefully better? Well, get ready because we are about to introduce you to a new OneLaunch feature that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. While it may not technically be shiny, it will brighten your online experience.

So, what’s this yet-to-be-released feature? It’s an NTP or New Tab Page. We know that might not seem like a big deal, so we’ve got the details on what it is and why you need it — but don’t know it yet. Here’s a look at the OneLaunch NTP, releasing soon in 2022.

What Exactly is a New Tab Page?

If you’re a Windows user who has searched the internet with Chrome and clicked the plus sign at the top of the browser window, you have come across Google’s New Tab Page.

Here, you can see the colorful Google logo, often characterized in a doodle or video clip above the search bar. You can access your Google account, apps, and Gmail to the right, while below the search bar is a group of icons representing your most visited websites. Click on any of these icons and instantly go to the website; hence, they are referred to as shortcuts. Google allows for up to 10 of these customizable shortcuts. You can add shortcuts (by tapping the plus sign), rename the shortcut, change its URL, or remove the shortcut by hovering over it and tapping the three-dot menu in the upper corner. What about other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox? 

Microsoft gets a bit fancier with the addition of news stories that you can personalize, nine webpage shortcuts, the current temperature for your area, and an app launcher from which you can one-click open Microsft applications such as Office. Firefox has a little less flare, with six webpage shortcuts and a section dedicated to news stories.

OneLaunch NTP Below the Fold

Why is the OneLaunch New Tab Page a Big Deal?

After listening to feedback from OneLaunch users, we knew we needed to shake things up and improve the New Tab Page to enrich your online experience. After months of revamping, our new NTP is closing in on its debut.

So what’s different? We’ve added your most visited sites, revamped Doodle designs, current weather for your location, and the latest news at your fingertips.

Why are these changes such as big deal? There are a couple of reasons. Firstly, your NTP will soon be customized to your location and therefore provide information relevant to you. Secondly, you can access your favorite websites and stay up on the news and weather all on one page without searching for or visiting multiple websites, hopefully making your day-to-day easier. While changes are coming to the NTP, other features such as our one-click clipboard, microphone and webcam security access, recent windows history, screenshots shortcut, and pinned apps will remain convenient in the OneLaunch dock.

Other OneLaunch Features Coming Soon…

Because we designed OneLaunch for you, the new NTP isn’t the only new or updated feature we have in store for 2022. We have taken a few cues from our readers and Microsoft’s Windows 11 features to make several changes to how OneLaunch looks and works.

Later this year, we plan to introduce a world clock, making it quick to find the current time for family and friends regardless of where they live. Other improvements in our OneLaunch apps include changing your static wallpaper to a slideshow of images you select from categories such as people, landscapes, and travel, based on a customizable interval you control.

OneLaunch World Clock

That’s not all. Our desktop icons and themes got a refresh, and we have several apps in development. Look for our built-in translation tool and features like media controls that allow you to play, pause, and skip audio content such as music, movies, podcasts, and more without ever leaving the OneLaunch screen. Last but certainly not least, we will welcome Terrestrial Radio to OneLaunch, an excellent way to get local music, weather, and news anywhere in the United States.

OneLaunch Music Player

We hope you enjoy our new NTP and all the other enhancements we are making to OneLaunch. Our goal is to ensure that your online experience is easy, enjoyable, and as effortless as possible. We appreciate your feedback and for you keeping us on our toes. Reach out if there are other features or apps you think we should include in the OneLaunch desktop, as we are constantly improving.