Quick and Easy Steps for Setting Up The OneLaunch Browser App
Quick and Easy Steps for Setting Up The OneLaunch App
12 July 2022

Let’s Get Started! Setting Up The Newest OneLaunch App for Windows in 2022

Excited about using OneLaunch, and ready to begin? With our guide and video showing step-by-step instructions on how to install and set up OneLaunch, you’ll be using it to customize your desktop appearance and internet experience in no time. 

Before we begin, it is worth noting that OneLaunch works only with a Windows desktop computer. It will not work on smartphones, tablets, iPads, or Apple computers. Let’s get started.

What is OneLaunch Used For?

OneLaunch is a software application or app with many features to help you perform everyday tasks conveniently and quickly, all from one place. So, what can you do once you download and install OneLaunch? 

  • Read the latest news
  • Find your way around town with maps
  • Shop your favorite online retailers like Amazon
  • Watch your favorite TV shows and movies
  • Customize your computer’s wallpaper 
  • Get spellings and definitions with the dictionary
  • Perform mathematical equations with the calculator
  • Read your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly horoscope
  • Browse and search the internet 

To help you learn more about these features and how to use them, we have an extensive library of blog and video tutorials so that we won’t dive into their specifics here. See more videos on OneLaunch’s YouTube channel.

How to Download OneLaunch

Remember, your computer must be a Windows desktop to download and install OneLaunch. With that said, OneLaunch will work on most Windows versions, including Windows 10 and 11. The easiest way and the method we will describe to access the OneLaunch download is to go into Google Chrome and type in OneLaunch.com in the address bar.

Or, since you’re here on our site reading this article, click OneLaunch in the upper-left corner, which takes you to our homepage where you can click “Download Now” to get started! 

This action will open up the OneLaunch website, where you can read about OneLaunch, and check out its features, apps, and support section. When you’re ready to begin, click the Download Now button. The download will start automatically. It may take a bit, as the file is large and internet speeds vary. However, you can watch its progress in the bottom-left corner of your screen. When the download is complete, it is on to the installation.

Note: If you are installing OneLaunch using a different browser like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, your download steps may vary slightly from the ones discussed in this guide. For those who come to the OneLaunch through one of our custom ads, the OneLaunch website may appear somewhat different. However, the installation of the OneLaunch is the same. 

How to Install and Setup OneLaunch

To begin installing OneLaunch, double-click the file in the lower-left corner of your computer screen. A pop-up screen will appear that includes information, including our privacy policy and terms of use, which require you to accept (clicking the Accept & Install button) if you wish to continue installing.

Next, you’ll see a screen showing the installation. All you have to do is sit back and wait for it to finish. Once installed, the app will automatically open up the OneLaunch Chromium browser and OneLaunch dock or toolbar, which you can view at the top of your screen. Notice the default features like Amazon and Walmart quick links, a microphone, webcam, and clipboard, which you can learn more about in our OneLaunch library. 

Make OneLaunch Yours via Customization

Now, it’s time for the fun part, setting up and customizing your OneLaunch dock and its features to make it your own.

You can import bookmarks through the dashboard icon, or add apps that you think you may use a lot to the dock by clicking on the plus sign. Using the three-dot menu on the right, you can show or hide features and go into your OneLaunch settings.

While we go into further detail about the settings in the installation and setup video, there are a couple of things you may want to customize right away, such as the temperature units (Fahrenheit or Celsius) or time zone to ensure the information OneLaunch displays is what you want.

You can also change the browser, search engine, or notifications. Last, but certainly not least, you can quickly change the alignment of your search bar and the OneLaunch theme. By default, OneLaunch matches these two features to your current desktop setup. That’s it; you’ve successfully downloaded and installed OneLaunch. We hope OneLaunch makes your online experience enjoyable.

Be sure to watch the step-by-step OneLaunch installation video and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on product roll-outs. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected].

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